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Ruben Medrano:

Born in 1975 in Alicante.

Programmer, DJ, producer, composer, guitar-tech and vocalist.
Since the latest 80s using the music as a game and as a expression way, always looking for catching the inspiration moment and freshness, while experimenting in the way to find new recording and performing systems.

At the end of the 80s, when he still was a child, begins creating his own recordings by using two tape recorders with the ‘ping-pong’ technique. This is the method he uses to record his first compositions and sound experiments. And with the help of the computer programming, he has the first contact with the sound synthesis and the sampling. At the age of 15, he buys his first multitrack cassette recorder, and with a keyboard synthesizer, one guitar, the voice and any sound element, begins his musical career.

During all the 90´s he has been part of many  pop, alternative rock, psychodelic rock and jazz bands. And at the lastest 90´s begins his career as jazz vocalist and profesional DJ, being resident in some of the most emblematic clubs of the night in Madrid.

In the last 15 years, he has been envolved in the composition and production of soundtracks, bands, soloists, arrangements and remixes. And also in some multimedia works and audio restoration.

In 2013 he developes his own multi-bank audio looping system, based in Ableton Live ‘AkaMed Looping System’.  Many well known artists from all the world are interested in his looping system. The system brings the possibility of building songs from scratch and in real-time, being a highly creative tool for the improvisation or the developement of musical creations.

For more info visit Ruben Medrano at

Soundcloud (Downloadable songs):

YouTube Videos:

Looping system script for Ableton Live:




Alex Kozmidi AlexKozmidiis known on the Berlin underground jam circle as a cocky brilliant guitarist, be it jazz, blues, rock, or experimental soundscapes. He had built quite a name for himself as an admirable stage-jumper or/and a featured soloist with other leaders. Less known, an insider’s tip, is the fact that this Odessa, Ukraine-born aged wunderkind is also a serious composer.

Is Kozmidi a guitar preacher, an cosmonaut, a hypnotist or a superhero, has always been unclear. But no matter the status, this alien specie has always been meant to create a vehicle to channel his incredible extraterrestrial „kozmic harmonies“. And finally, lo and behold, he is eager to please. Careful with that beam, sonny boy!





CromófonoCromofono is created in 2010 by two artists: María Solana Rubio (visual artist) and Juan Dahmen (musician). The duo starts as they are conscious of sharing many of their reasons to create and their conclusions. Therefore, they set diverse projects and releases together under the name of Cromófono. Until now they have made projects melting music with visual pieces and poetry, published through the internet. Nowadays, they are working on adding movement to the the visual pieces (screenings) and bringing their work to live shows.





Flos are Stefano Castagna & Luca Formentini.Flos-studio2
Flos music is centred on self-made sound sources.
They can be used as raw elements or processed with any tool considered functional to the expressive intention.
As this is no conceptual language, more conventional musical instruments are also used.

Luca Formentini:

Born in 1968 in Brescia, northern Italy. Captured by the fascination of sound layers very early, was brought from this to music and to a very free and emotional approach to the guitar.
This is why he considers himself a guitar-user and not a guitar player: unguitar.
Considering strings as sound sources have brought him to process them through pedals, processors and computers. The processing transforms strings’ vibrations to unrecognizable sounds, while sometimes reveals the hidden properties of the subtle noise of wood and metal.
Processing always becomes part of the played instrument, the resulting sound defines the instrument itself.
Live looping is a technique he has been extensively using since 1992. He has been playing and recording with musicians coming from many different contexts and countries, ranging from rock to jazz to classical music like Markus Stockhausen, Holger Czukay, Jean-Francois Zygel, Steve Lawson, Frank Vigroux, Steve Jansen, Theo Travis, Tellef Ogrim…
He has published two albums under his name: Subterraneans and Tacet and has taken part to several collaborations and ensembles.
He is currently reactivating collaborations and working on his next album. In 2012 he has come back to a more intense live and recording music activity after 5 years of absence.
In 2012 he has created new sound sources out of recycled objects.
From this experience a new project called Flos ( with Stefano Castagna) has born.

Stefano Castagna:

Born in 1959, his approach to music has been conditioned both by his guitar playing and the strategies and abilities he has developed tin his professional life as a sound engineer.
In his own recording studio,  Ritmo&Blu, he has been writing and/or producing disparate music  for more than 20 years now:  dance music, Italian indie music, soundtracks and performances for theatre, ballet and visual art exhibitions.
In 2011 he directed the Emotional Orchestra at La Collina di Lorenzo (Castiglione delle Stiviere, Mantova, Italy), an experiment of wind, wood and percussions sounds with players hidden behind the trees on a sloping hill at night, with the public in the centre.
With Luca Formentini and other 3 friends, he is also a member of Segesto, an association for unexpected music which organised the first Loop Fest in Brescia at the end of May 2014
Exploring different styles has endowed him with an huge repertoire that enables him to collaborate with Luca Formentini at the Flos project, where he can combine the different languages of his professional life with electronic music, his love for unconventional acoustic sounds with the technicalities of digital processing and looping.




Gabriel Martínez :gabyx

Born in 1984 Benidorm.

Beatboxer. In 2006 began his career in the art of Human Beatbox (Ability to create music sounds only with the mouth) after being inspired by various artists. After improving with practice, attended several events and competitions Beatbox, achieving the award for “Best Showman” Community of Valencia in 2013 and winning the Championship 1 “Silla Bombo Clap Valencia 2013”. In the last year (2013-2014) has conducted many activities in the World of Beatbox, with Jury and Organiser 2 National Championships in Benidorm conducted in 2013 and 2014 and also being able to attend an international competition in Switzerland. In 2010 he began his career in the Beatbox LoopStation, which takes you to present to perform actions in all types of events around Comunity of Valencia. His Live music creations, with his voice, synthesizer and modulators can be any style, Chillout, Techno, House, Hip Hop, Melodies, etc, while making their own versions of popular songs.







Iononso + chisono is the solo project of Francesco Federici. An Italian guitar player who after

Photo by cou¡rtesy of Riccardo  Ruspi

Photo by cou¡rtesy of Riccardo Ruspi

years of involvement in various bands in Perugia has decided to start his own business in order to create a music that was exclusively of his own.

By using loop stations and a series of twenty effects Iononso+chisono gives life to a very evocative music that ranks among post-rock, shoegaze, noise, psychedelia and soundtrack music.

The project is made playing with electric guitars, voice and a few objects.

In addition to the classic guitar pedals most of the melodic lines are developed by using accessories such as E-Bow, Slide and violin bow.

He is a regular guest of the happening called Solar Flares (Isola maggiore, Trasimeno lake) where every year he performs his set on top of a pier during the sunset.

Between October and November 2010 started a collaboration with the photographer Valeria Pierini called Toyland.

Valeria’s text is inspired by Iononso+chisono’s Concept  ConseguenzeDiUnaProlungataEsposizioneAlSuono.

The project culminated in two performances with projections of images and text during the concert.

On March 4, 2011 was presented at the Loop cafe in Perugia ConseguenzeDiUnaProlungataEsposizioneAlSuono

(Consequences of a too long exposure to the sound), his first album. This work includes five songs, that make up the concept that gives the title to the album, plus a sixth song entitled TesiIpotesiSintesi (song dedicated to Paolo Vinti, a leading figure in the life of Perugia, who died a few months before the album’s reléase)

The album is produced by Iononso+chisono and Daniele Rotella (musician and producer).

The layout has been edited by Luca Farinella (Lo Studio8).

The song TesiIpotesiSintesi was included in the film directed by Massimo Monacelli entitled Angels of Rock n ‘roll.

At the end of July 2011 he performs a show with Nadia Ratsimandresy at the Ondes martenot. An artist already at work, among others, with Radiohead and Vinicio Capossela.

During the first months of 2012 starts the collaboration with contemporary dancer Simona Mariucci which gives life to the project post-hoc. A performance of live music and contemporary dance staged for the first time in Perugia July 29, 2012.

In 2013 Iononso+chisono starts a thetrical experience on Jura Soifre’s The end of the world. A comedy directed and rearranged by Ciro Masella for Teatro Bo, Uthopia and KanterStrasse companies.

Since 2011 Francesco also plays in the band The rust and the fury with which he released two albums: May the sun hit your eyes (2012) and See the colors through the rain (2014).

Links and contacts:




Cell.: +39 3289294663




Born in Elche in 1960, he studied music with the Municipal Band and the Conservatory of the city, with private teachers – it’s worth emphasizing the pianist Ana Mª. Flori or the improvisation teacher of ESMUC Agustí Fernàndez -, and in a self taught way.

He has composed the symphonic work Ilici, entrusted by the Culture Ministry of Valencian Community government in commemoration of Bimillenary of the city of Elche; the sextet Khroma Akustikós entrusted by the Music’s Valencian Institute; and nearly a hundred of soundtracks for theatre, dance, cinema, radio and television, including the documentary The Lady of Elche of TVE, or Aerolitos, Ibers, Multiverso and The color of the words, of, respectively, La Carátula, Xarxa Teatre, La sonrisa de Caín and the traveling exhibition of the Hernandian Center for Studies and Research. Session guitarist and performer, he has developed the soundscapes techniques among other in the processed guitar field, applying to both his compositions and concerts, and it may mention his concert Mobile Music, the work KosKozah carried out with Moroccan Abderrazak Hadir of Gnawa music, the interpretation with the orchestra of the symphonic work La nau of Pep Llopis in the plurifocal multiconciert that took place in the Literary University of Valencia, or his participation on the soundtrack composed by Llopis for the show Alma of Ananda Dansa, in the Ensemble Impromptu directed by Agustí Fernàndez, and in the group of instantaneous creation Gavaldá Herrington Elemental Rendezvous. He combines his musical facet with actor and playwright in the groups La Carátula, Triptic and at the moment Teatro del Gordogruñón, besides having a wide teaching experience in the field of theatre and music with diverse groups. It would be necessary to mention the courses The guitar and the new technologies and The music and the new technologies offered to the University Extension Service of the University of Valencia and for other entities in Alicante, Murcia and Aragón.

His compositions for theatre and dance have had national and international extensive national and international spread in Europe and America –  laying special emphasis on their stay for 30 days in Théâtre du Lucernaire, Centre National d’Art et d’Essai de Paris -, and they have participated in many prestigious festivals and contests of France, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Venezuela, being awarded the one of El verí del teatre with the prize for the best stage proposal in the Festival de Teatro del Mar Menor 1982, and the one of the dance show Aerolitos with the prize Coup of Pouce du Off in the Festival de Théâtre d’Avignon 1988 – both awards shared with La Carátula -. Also, in 2012 he performed live his composition for the movie Un chien andalou (L. Buñuel 1929) in the international film festivals of Cannes and Valencia, and Alma of Ananda Dansa won the 2007 National Dance Prize and the prizes for the Performing Arts of the Generalitat Valenciana 2007 for Best Musical Composition and Best Dance Show.

It must be stressed that he has received the Award for the Performing Arts of the Generalitat Valenciana 1999 for Best Musical Composition for his work Humano.




Sax JoseLuisSantacruzplayer and composer from Alicante with a long career in the world of modern music.
He has developed an original technique, where displays chords like a piano, making at the same time the melody with the bass and running and improvising without ever losing the beat of time and rhythm. It is reflected in his latest album, next to edit by Quadrant Produccions <“”SARTORIUS””>, where the chosen themes focus his admiration for the work of Jaco Pastorius… adapting his compositions and musical tastes for saxophone soprano only… in two cuts from the album uses a Loop Station pedal.

In his biography it is worth noting its collaborationswith Max Sunyer, with whom he has two co-leaded records, Jean Luc Vallet, Sean Levit, Jorge Pardo, orChano Domínguez., its participation in internationa lfestivals, as well as performances and concertsthousands inside and outside the Spanish territory.
He has recorded a score of albums, both as a sessionmusician, producer or arranger, and seven solo albums.
To highlight his pedagogical activity on Jazz and modern music.

In 2004 was awarded the fourth prize at the “international composition contest of Jazz Latino” en La Habana (Cuba), for its theme “Guardamar del Rio”. A tragic accident forces him to abandon music for several years, leaving him with an amnesia that forced him to learn again to play and the most basic things of everyday life. In 1998 he moved to recover from the aftermath to Indonesia, where he studied Chi Qong, Yoga, dance and other arts. Fortunately already nearly recovered again to devote himself to music, and to show his extraordinary control and sensitivity on the instruments.

Influenced by Jaco Pastorius and Mike Manieri mainly, also it shows its affinity for T. Monk, John Coltrane, Gato Barbieri, Joe Sample, Joe Zawinul and Jimi Hendrix.
He is currently working on different projects related to Jazz and eclectic music, as well as a Treaty of sound for wind instruments. It also has its side as a writer and researcher, his book cd. Harmony human, currently in the 2nd Edition (Ed. Planeta Albi), and its cd. LINDY HOP HARD, dedicated to the music of John Coltrane and T.Monk.



Kurt Rosenwinkel attended the Berklee College of Music for two and a half years before leaving in his junior year to tour with Gary Burton, the dean of the school at the time. Subsequently, Rosenwinkel moved to Brooklyn, where began performing with Human Feel, Paul Motian’s Electric Bebop Band, Joe Henderson Group, and the Brian Blade Fellowship. During that time he began using a Lavalier lapel microphone fed into his guitar amplifier [4] that blends his vocalizing with his guitar –much like George Benson, and Pat Metheny– and has become a trademark of his sound, both live and in the studio.

In 1995 he won the Composer’s Award from the National Endowment for the Arts and was signed by Verve Records. Since then, he has played and recorded as both a leader and sideman with Mark Turner, Brad Mehldau, Joel Frahm, and Brian Blade, as well as many others. During Rosenwinkel’s tenure with Verve he collaborated with Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest, who co-produced his studio album Heartcore that features bassist Ben Street, drummer Jeff Ballard, and saxophonist Mark Turner. He would further collaborate with Q-Tip, performing guitar on the latter’s albums The Renaissance and Kamaal/The Abstract.

Rosenwinkel has since released several albums. In 2008 The Remedy – Live at the Village Vanguard was released, featuring saxophonist Mark Turner, pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Joe Martin and drummer Eric Harland. On November 10, 2009, Rosenwinkel released a trio recording, Standards Trio: Reflections, which features bassist Eric Revis, and drummer Eric Harland. On September 7, 2010, Rosenwinkel released his ninth album as a leader, entitled Kurt Rosenwinkel & OJM: Our Secret World and featuring OJM an 18-piece big band from Porto, Portugal. His latest release Stars of Jupiter features pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Eric Revis, and drummer Justin Faulkner.[5]

Originally from Philadelphia, Rosenwinkel currently resides in Berlin, Germany. He has two sons and is on the faculty at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler.




Leander Reininghaus Leander on stage1aworked as guitarist, composer and producer for CD-, movie-, dance- and theatre productions as well as for exhibitions and multimedia events.

He was founder of – recently revived – World Music band MOKA EFTI, with which he performed live in most European countries over a period of 10 years and recorded three CDs, the latest with guests Charlie Mariano, Roland Schaeffer of GURU GURU and Heinrich von Kalnein.

His interest in livelooping (on stage since 1986) and textural music led to the recordings and solo performances of “STARSCAPES – Music Inspired By Views Of Space”.

In 2003, 2008 and 2013, he hosted International Livelooping Festivals in Berlin and he also took part in festivals as a featured guest in Europe and in the USA.

From 2008 to 2011, he ran a concert series named “Sound Art Modules” in Berlin, featuring contemporary experimental music.

Leander enjoys/ed working with: Jochen Vogel, Hans York, Michel Wack, Ralf Göldner, Charlie Mariano, Michael Peters (VELOOPITY), Markus Reuter (CRIMSON PROJECT, TUNER, CENTROZOON), Roland Schaeffer (GURU GURU), Matthias Ebbinghaus, Farhad Darya, Nic-Dea, Andreas von Garnier (SYNTHASIS), Dirk Schlömer (ex-TON STEINE SCHERBEN), to name just a few.

He is currently a member of bands Neues Glas, Ornah-Mental and Moka Efti.




Social Media:





Luis Angulo  started playing guitar with different rock, blues, reggae, latin and pop bands at the age of 18. Soon after he started to write his own songs and with his brother on bass and a friend on drums,they formed their first original rock trio.

In the early 90´s he enrolled in the Music Program in San Diego State University where he was exposed to different musical genres attending courses in world,jazz,classical and minimal music. His interest also in new digital technology led him to discover a new way of making music called “Live Looping”.This exciting way of solo experimentation helped him find new ways of writing songs and liberated him from his traditional way of making music.

Since 2008 Luis has performed at the international Y2K Live looping festivals around the cities of San Jose ,Santa Cruz San Diego California, and Mexicali B.C. Mexico.

In Europe he also performed at the Cologne Y2K8 Loop festivals in Germany as well as at the Experimental ambient loop festival in Antwerp Belgium.

For more info visit Luis Angulo at






Motion is a blend of two musicians with a huge experience in many musical techniques, Remi Carreres and Kavstik Kurva:Motion 01

Remi Carreres:
Fretless bass and electronics. Founding member, in the mid 1980s, of bands such as Glamour and Comité Cisne, where he plays bass.
In 1992 he moves to Madrid to work as a sound engineer and studio musician. In 1997, joined as a guitarist the 127 band led by Enrique Sierra (ex ­ component of Radio Futura). With the new century, he starts workiing in experimental and electronic music under the name of Jean Montag, participating in projects as A Quiet Norway touring in Norway, Italy and Spain. Releases diverse albums in netlabels from Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, and a CD, Unfinished Memories, on the british label Twisted Tree Line. His music has been heard in programs of RNE Radio Clásica, Vía Límite or Ars Sonora. Solo or as part of collaborative projects, has performed at festivals of sound art in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia.

Kavstik Kurva:
Tapping guitar and electronics. At the end of the 90s, enters the world of touchstyle guitar, at the hands of Markus Reuter, Alain Piñero and David Poveda, with those who shape Tapeadores, first group of study about this family of instruments in Spain, activity that performs at present within Touch Guitar Circle, the circle of international scope dedicated to the same task. Since the last decade, improvisation has been the field where the confluence of the techniques of livelooping with the guitar, have formed the natural habitat by which operates his music, which we can hear on recordings as soloist, with the electronica duo The Playing Orchestra, rock band Xuminorris and with her latest project Motion, which tries to harmonize the nerve of free improvisation, the novelty of the real­time processing of electronics along with the presence of the rock.




Swedish writer, journalist, editor, educator, musician, composer. A freelance worker in many fields, often referred to as a Creative Generalizer or a Renaissance Man, typically good at balancing a general view at the edge of personal expression.? Has toured worldwide as a musician, affiliated with both major record labels, small independent labels and as a self promoting artist. Studio musician counting one gold selling album. Produced recorded music for CD’s, surround DVD multimedia or TV. Today’s live concerts focus on instrumental music with and open-minded “psychedelic” touch, utilizing livelooping and interactive electronics to extend acoustic instruments.

Per Boysen has performed many shows around Asia, Europe and the US – both as a solo performer, in duets and with ensembles. Appearances in general public areas as well as at world famous institutions like the Norberg Festival, Présences Électronique or the North Sea Jazz Festival. He is also active as a media music composer, having produced recordings of surround music, mixed records for bands and creative remixing for special record label releases.




Quique Simón, Jose María Pastor.

This project named ‘Seidagasa’ (wich translation from an African dialect could be something like ‘the shit inside the dog´s ear’, comes from common idea project from Quique Simon and Jose Mª Pastor, to create an open band for developing the free improvisation idea and experimenting in the musical ground.
The duet starts in January, 2012, with the object of generating self-create and selc-produced works with each moment´s available media and tools.
The band is open to another musicians/artists´ collaboration from any other discipline.
They have released works with different artists coming from pop, rock, electronica, jazz and even flamenco.


Quique Simón:

José María Pastor:



VisualFlamenco VisualFlamencois the brainchild of nearly 3 years of research result from the collaboration between the ancer Yolanda Martin and the visual artist David Solis which were marked by fundamental objective in the
exploration of new frontiers in Flamenco Culture by audiovisual art as narrative support. In essence we could define each performance as a sensory immersion in search of a personal identity with ancestral feelings as a starting point and made towards the depths of oneself.
A journey that begins with the compás as a guideline but defining your destiny with every gesture and nuance to vibrate every emotion … inside a mantra of light and sound.
A very personal interactive audiovisual experiment where anyone who approaches itself with curiosity and respect are invited to join.

Yolanda Martin

Born in the heart of family from “Cordoba” she began dancing flamenco at Marisol Mesa’s School when she was only 6 years old. From the age of 18 she left school to start teaching girls and participate in various professional trainings such as “Coro Rociero de Castellbisball” and even as a bailaora at weddings and saraos.
Due to her passion will not be enough to pay her bills she will be forced to look for a “regular job” and this situation make impossible to carry on with the demanding dedication from the Dance. Far from being discouraged, she will reinvent herself and begin studying holistic
therapies and at last at age 35 will regain his passion with new therapeutic approach. Then she will become part of the Cuadro Flamenco from Oscar Poyatos, an old former teammate at the stage of Marisol school. Under the direction from Oscar, she participate in the plays “La Leyenda del Tiempo”, “Loco” and “Vuelve La Leyenda” as a dancer and spanish box percussionist. On her own she also act within private parties at Mallorca in preparation for his new project combining
her work as a therapist in a holistic center at Llucmajor.
Currently back to Barcelona is concentrating her efforts on a new era of professional consolidation with the intention of researching the relationship between dance and emotional wellness.

David Solís

Trainer by profession and technology teacher by vocation parks his personal training company to focus on the visual interaction design and its applications in the field of health and bio-psychological wellness. In addition to his background as a amateur musician (electronic music
producer and radio broadcaster from teenager) spend the last six years of his life to learning electronics and realtime programming environments while collaborating with various interactive projects of international significance. All this combined with his teaching slope takes
him on different courses and seminars in schools, youth culture spaces and even at contemporary art centers.
He is currently focusing its digital luthier skills into necessary effort to develop tools for their audiovisual and health projects.



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