Rubén Medrano:

Programmer, DJ, producer, composer, guitar-tech and vocalist.
Since the latest 80s using the music as a game and as a expression way, always looking for catching the inspiration moment and freshness, while experimenting in the way to find new recording and performing systems.

At the end of the 80s, when he still was a child, begins creating his own recordings by using two tape recorders with the ‘ping-pong’ technique. This is the method he uses to record his first compositions and sound experiments. And with the help of the computer programming, he has the first contact with the sound synthesis and the sampling. At the age of 15, he buys his first multitrack cassette recorder, and with a keyboard synthesizer, one guitar, the voice and any sound element, begins his musical career.

During all the 90´s he has been part of many  pop, alternative rock, psychodelic rock and jazz bands. And at the lastest 90´s begins his career as jazz vocalist and profesional DJ, being resident in some of the most emblematic clubs of the night in Madrid.

In the last 15 years, he has been envolved in the composition and production of soundtracks, bands, soloists, arrangements and remixes. And also in some multimedia works and audio restoration.

In 2013 he developes his own multi-bank audio looping system, based in Ableton Live ‘AkaMed Looping System’.  Many well known artists from all the world are interested in his looping system. The system brings the possibility of building songs from scratch and in real-time, being a highly creative tool for the improvisation or the developement of musical creations.

For more info visit Ruben Medrano at


Soundcloud (Downloadable songs):


YouTube Videos:


Looping system script for Ableton Live:





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