Flos are Stefano Castagna & Luca Formentini.Flos-studio2
Flos music is centred on self-made sound sources.
They can be used as raw elements or processed with any tool considered functional to the expressive intention.
As this is no conceptual language, more conventional musical instruments are also used.

Luca Formentini:

Born in 1968 in Brescia, northern Italy. Captured by the fascination of sound layers very early, was brought from this to music and to a very free and emotional approach to the guitar.
This is why he considers himself a guitar-user and not a guitar player: unguitar.
Considering strings as sound sources have brought him to process them through pedals, processors and computers. The processing transforms strings’ vibrations to unrecognizable sounds, while sometimes reveals the hidden properties of the subtle noise of wood and metal.
Processing always becomes part of the played instrument, the resulting sound defines the instrument itself.
Live looping is a technique he has been extensively using since 1992. He has been playing and recording with musicians coming from many different contexts and countries, ranging from rock to jazz to classical music like Markus Stockhausen, Holger Czukay, Jean-Francois Zygel, Steve Lawson, Frank Vigroux, Steve Jansen, Theo Travis, Tellef Ogrim…
He has published two albums under his name: Subterraneans and Tacet and has taken part to several collaborations and ensembles.
He is currently reactivating collaborations and working on his next album. In 2012 he has come back to a more intense live and recording music activity after 5 years of absence.
In 2012 he has created new sound sources out of recycled objects.
From this experience a new project called Flos ( with Stefano Castagna) has born.

Stefano Castagna:

Born in 1959, his approach to music has been conditioned both by his guitar playing and the strategies and abilities he has developed tin his professional life as a sound engineer.
In his own recording studio,  Ritmo&Blu, he has been writing and/or producing disparate music  for more than 20 years now:  dance music, Italian indie music, soundtracks and performances for theatre, ballet and visual art exhibitions.
In 2011 he directed the Emotional Orchestra at La Collina di Lorenzo (Castiglione delle Stiviere, Mantova, Italy), an experiment of wind, wood and percussions sounds with players hidden behind the trees on a sloping hill at night, with the public in the centre.
With Luca Formentini and other 3 friends, he is also a member of Segesto, an association for unexpected music which organised the first Loop Fest in Brescia at the end of May 2014
Exploring different styles has endowed him with an huge repertoire that enables him to collaborate with Luca Formentini at the Flos project, where he can combine the different languages of his professional life with electronic music, his love for unconventional acoustic sounds with the technicalities of digital processing and looping.


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