Iononso + chisono

Iononso + chisono is the solo project of Francesco Federici. An Italian guitar player who after

Photo by cou¡rtesy of Riccardo  Ruspi

Photo by cou¡rtesy of Riccardo Ruspi

years of involvement in various bands in Perugia has decided to start his own business in order to create a music that was exclusively of his own.

By using loop stations and a series of twenty effects Iononso+chisono gives life to a very evocative music that ranks among post-rock, shoegaze, noise, psychedelia and soundtrack music.

The project is made playing with electric guitars, voice and a few objects.

In addition to the classic guitar pedals most of the melodic lines are developed by using accessories such as E-Bow, Slide and violin bow.

He is a regular guest of the happening called Solar Flares (Isola maggiore, Trasimeno lake) where every year he performs his set on top of a pier during the sunset.

Between October and November 2010 started a collaboration with the photographer Valeria Pierini called Toyland.

Valeria’s text is inspired by Iononso+chisono’s Concept  ConseguenzeDiUnaProlungataEsposizioneAlSuono.

The project culminated in two performances with projections of images and text during the concert.

On March 4, 2011 was presented at the Loop cafe in Perugia ConseguenzeDiUnaProlungataEsposizioneAlSuono

(Consequences of a too long exposure to the sound), his first album. This work includes five songs, that make up the concept that gives the title to the album, plus a sixth song entitled TesiIpotesiSintesi (song dedicated to Paolo Vinti, a leading figure in the life of Perugia, who died a few months before the album’s reléase)

The album is produced by Iononso+chisono and Daniele Rotella (musician and producer).

The layout has been edited by Luca Farinella (Lo Studio8).

The song TesiIpotesiSintesi was included in the film directed by Massimo Monacelli entitled Angels of Rock n ‘roll.

At the end of July 2011 he performs a show with Nadia Ratsimandresy at the Ondes martenot. An artist already at work, among others, with Radiohead and Vinicio Capossela.

During the first months of 2012 starts the collaboration with contemporary dancer Simona Mariucci which gives life to the project post-hoc. A performance of live music and contemporary dance staged for the first time in Perugia July 29, 2012.

In 2013 Iononso+chisono starts a thetrical experience on Jura Soifre’s The end of the world. A comedy directed and rearranged by Ciro Masella for Teatro Bo, Uthopia and KanterStrasse companies.

Since 2011 Francesco also plays in the band The rust and the fury with which he released two albums: May the sun hit your eyes (2012) and See the colors through the rain (2014).

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Cell.: +39 3289294663


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