Jorge Gavaldá

Jorge Gavalda

Born in Elche in 1960, he studied music with the Municipal Band and the Conservatory of the city, with private teachers – it’s worth emphasizing the pianist Ana Mª. Flori or the improvisation teacher of ESMUC Agustí Fernàndez -, and in a self taught way.

He has composed the symphonic work Ilici, entrusted by the Culture Ministry of Valencian Community government in commemoration of Bimillenary of the city of Elche; the sextet Khroma Akustikós entrusted by the Music’s Valencian Institute; and nearly a hundred of soundtracks for theatre, dance, cinema, radio and television, including the documentary The Lady of Elche of TVE, or Aerolitos, Ibers, Multiverso and The color of the words, of, respectively, La Carátula, Xarxa Teatre, La sonrisa de Caín and the traveling exhibition of the Hernandian Center for Studies and Research. Session guitarist and performer, he has developed the soundscapes techniques among other in the processed guitar field, applying to both his compositions and concerts, and it may mention his concert Mobile Music, the work KosKozah carried out with Moroccan Abderrazak Hadir of Gnawa music, the interpretation with the orchestra of the symphonic work La nau of Pep Llopis in the plurifocal multiconciert that took place in the Literary University of Valencia, or his participation on the soundtrack composed by Llopis for the show Alma of Ananda Dansa, in the Ensemble Impromptu directed by Agustí Fernàndez, and in the group of instantaneous creation Gavaldá Herrington Elemental Rendezvous. He combines his musical facet with actor and playwright in the groups La Carátula, Triptic and at the moment Teatro del Gordogruñón, besides having a wide teaching experience in the field of theatre and music with diverse groups. It would be necessary to mention the courses The guitar and the new technologies and The music and the new technologies offered to the University Extension Service of the University of Valencia and for other entities in Alicante, Murcia and Aragón.

His compositions for theatre and dance have had national and international extensive national and international spread in Europe and America –  laying special emphasis on their stay for 30 days in Théâtre du Lucernaire, Centre National d’Art et d’Essai de Paris -, and they have participated in many prestigious festivals and contests of France, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Venezuela, being awarded the one of El verí del teatre with the prize for the best stage proposal in the Festival de Teatro del Mar Menor 1982, and the one of the dance show Aerolitos with the prize Coup of Pouce du Off in the Festival de Théâtre d’Avignon 1988 – both awards shared with La Carátula -. Also, in 2012 he performed live his composition for the movie Un chien andalou (L. Buñuel 1929) in the international film festivals of Cannes and Valencia, and Alma of Ananda Dansa won the 2007 National Dance Prize and the prizes for the Performing Arts of the Generalitat Valenciana 2007 for Best Musical Composition and Best Dance Show.

It must be stressed that he has received the Award for the Performing Arts of the Generalitat Valenciana 1999 for Best Musical Composition for his work Humano.



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