Jose Luis Santacruz

Jose Luis Santacruz, JoseLuisSantacruzsax player and composer from Alicante with a long career in the world of modern music.
He has developed an original technique, where displays chords like a piano, making at the same time the melody with the bass and running and improvising without ever losing the beat of time and rhythm. It is reflected in his latest album, next to edit by Quadrant Produccions <“”SARTORIUS””>, where the chosen themes focus his admiration for the work of Jaco Pastorius… adapting his compositions and musical tastes for saxophone soprano only… in two cuts from the album uses a Loop Station pedal.

In his biography it is worth noting its collaborationswith Max Sunyer, with whom he has two co-leaded records, Jean Luc Vallet, Sean Levit, Jorge Pardo, orChano Domínguez., its participation in internationa lfestivals, as well as performances and concertsthousands inside and outside the Spanish territory.
He has recorded a score of albums, both as a sessionmusician, producer or arranger, and seven solo albums.
To highlight his pedagogical activity on Jazz and modern music.

In 2004 was awarded the fourth prize at the “international composition contest of Jazz Latino” en La Habana (Cuba), for its theme “Guardamar del Rio”. A tragic accident forces him to abandon music for several years, leaving him with an amnesia that forced him to learn again to play and the most basic things of everyday life. In 1998 he moved to recover from the aftermath to Indonesia, where he studied Chi Qong, Yoga, dance and other arts. Fortunately already nearly recovered again to devote himself to music, and to show his extraordinary control and sensitivity on the instruments.

Influenced by Jaco Pastorius and Mike Manieri mainly, also it shows its affinity for T. Monk, John Coltrane, Gato Barbieri, Joe Sample, Joe Zawinul and Jimi Hendrix.
He is currently working on different projects related to Jazz and eclectic music, as well as a Treaty of sound for wind instruments. It also has its side as a writer and researcher, his book cd. Harmony human, currently in the 2nd Edition (Ed. Planeta Albi), and its cd. LINDY HOP HARD, dedicated to the music of John Coltrane and T.Monk.


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