Juan Dahmen

Juan Dahmen is a spanish young musician with a long and diverse career.Juan Dahmen
He studied drums with Toño Atienzar, and keyboard and computer music with Antonio Cebrián. He has studied with renowned Argentine stickist Guillermo Cides and deepened in the art of tapping and avant-garde music with Markus Reuter and Trey Gunn, both from the King Crimson universe.

His main instrument remains the drums, with countless hours of study and concerts behind him, highlighting groups like Groove3 (jazz-groove), Peterfunk (disco-funk), TAO5 (jazz and currently free jazz) or Nomadlander (progressive rock). He also plays the tap guitar with bands like IARARAI (post rock, ambient), The Tam Tam (African tribal, blues, rumba), Mr. Miau (blues rock) as well as solo and in the project Cromofono, where he joins forces with visual artist María Solana creating a whole for the senses.

He always had an experimental tendency and his product is always under development. Combining manipulated field recordings with various instruments and live looping, he tries to get to unknown places. A personal process which, being influenced by the mood of the place, includes the audience.


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