Leander Reininghaus


Leander Reininghaus Leander on stage1aworked as guitarist, composer and producer for CD-, movie-, dance- and theatre productions as well as for exhibitions and multimedia events.

He was founder of – recently revived – World Music band MOKA EFTI, with which he performed live in most European countries over a period of 10 years and recorded three CDs, the latest with guests Charlie Mariano, Roland Schaeffer of GURU GURU and Heinrich von Kalnein.

His interest in livelooping (on stage since 1986) and textural music led to the recordings and solo performances of “STARSCAPES – Music Inspired By Views Of Space”.

In 2003, 2008 and 2013, he hosted International Livelooping Festivals in Berlin and he also took part in festivals as a featured guest in Europe and in the USA.

From 2008 to 2011, he ran a concert series named “Sound Art Modules” in Berlin, featuring contemporary experimental music.

Leander enjoys/ed working with: Jochen Vogel, Hans York, Michel Wack, Ralf Göldner, Charlie Mariano, Michael Peters (VELOOPITY), Markus Reuter (CRIMSON PROJECT, TUNER, CENTROZOON), Roland Schaeffer (GURU GURU), Matthias Ebbinghaus, Farhad Darya, Nic-Dea, Andreas von Garnier (SYNTHASIS), Dirk Schlömer (ex-TON STEINE SCHERBEN), to name just a few.

He is currently a member of bands Neues Glas, Ornah-Mental and Moka Efti.










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