Luis Angulo


Luis Angulo  started playing guitar with different rock, blues, reggae, latin and pop bands at the age of 18. Soon after he started to write his own songs and with his brother on bass and a friend on drums,they formed their first original rock trio.

In the early 90´s he enrolled in the Music Program in San Diego State University where he was exposed to different musical genres attending courses in world,jazz,classical and minimal music. His interest also in new digital technology led him to discover a new way of making music called “Live Looping”.This exciting way of solo experimentation helped him find new ways of writing songs and liberated him from his traditional way of making music.

Since 2008 Luis has performed at the international Y2K Live looping festivals around the cities of San Jose ,Santa Cruz San Diego California, and Mexicali B.C. Mexico.

In Europe he also performed at the Cologne Y2K8 Loop festivals in Germany as well as at the Experimental ambient loop festival in Antwerp Belgium.

For more info visit Luis Angulo at





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