Lupin Walker

Lupin Walker unnamedis a musical project born in Alicante and created in 2010 by the guitarist Jose Ramon Milan, with the intention of playing own songs and also versions. The songs gravitates around a wide range of musical styles like Rock, Blues, Jazz and Funk, always with the brand of having a bass line, cords and solos of Fender sound using a Loop pedal.

In its early stages began with concerts at various music pubs from Alicante, where started developing skills with the loop pedal and sometimes collaborating with other musicians like Santi Stone or Paul Tracacatuntra. After his first year rolling around the Levantine scenes, his work moved to Madrid where he worked with jazz musicians but always retaining a variety of styles. In 2013 his work visited the scenario of a musical event in San Francisco.

Nowadays Jose Ramon and Pablo are also members of various bands in Alicante.


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