Motion is a blend of two musicians with a huge experience in many musical techniques, Remi Carreres and Kavstik Kurva:Motion 01

Remi Carreres:
Fretless bass and electronics. Founding member, in the mid 1980s, of bands such as Glamour and Comité Cisne, where he plays bass.
In 1992 he moves to Madrid to work as a sound engineer and studio musician. In 1997, joined as a guitarist the 127 band led by Enrique Sierra (ex ­ component of Radio Futura). With the new century, he starts workiing in experimental and electronic music under the name of Jean Montag, participating in projects as A Quiet Norway touring in Norway, Italy and Spain. Releases diverse albums in netlabels from Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, and a CD, Unfinished Memories, on the british label Twisted Tree Line. His music has been heard in programs of RNE Radio Clásica, Vía Límite or Ars Sonora. Solo or as part of collaborative projects, has performed at festivals of sound art in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia.

Kavstik Kurva:
Tapping guitar and electronics. At the end of the 90s, enters the world of touchstyle guitar, at the hands of Markus Reuter, Alain Piñero and David Poveda, with those who shape Tapeadores, first group of study about this family of instruments in Spain, activity that performs at present within Touch Guitar Circle, the circle of international scope dedicated to the same task. Since the last decade, improvisation has been the field where the confluence of the techniques of livelooping with the guitar, have formed the natural habitat by which operates his music, which we can hear on recordings as soloist, with the electronica duo The Playing Orchestra, rock band Xuminorris and with her latest project Motion, which tries to harmonize the nerve of free improvisation, the novelty of the real­time processing of electronics along with the presence of the rock.


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