Per Boysen

Per Boysen

Swedish writer, journalist, editor, educator, musician, composer. A freelance worker in many fields, often referred to as a Creative Generalizer or a Renaissance Man, typically good at balancing a general view at the edge of personal expression.? Has toured worldwide as a musician, affiliated with both major record labels, small independent labels and as a self promoting artist. Studio musician counting one gold selling album. Produced recorded music for CD’s, surround DVD multimedia or TV. Today’s live concerts focus on instrumental music with and open-minded “psychedelic” touch, utilizing livelooping and interactive electronics to extend acoustic instruments.

Per Boysen has performed many shows around Asia, Europe and the US – both as a solo performer, in duets and with ensembles. Appearances in general public areas as well as at world famous institutions like the Norberg Festival, Présences Électronique or the North Sea Jazz Festival. He is also active as a media music composer, having produced recordings of surround music, mixed records for bands and creative remixing for special record label releases.


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