VisualFlamenco VisualFlamencois the brainchild of nearly 3 years of research result from the collaboration between the ancer Yolanda Martin and the visual artist David Solis which were marked by fundamental objective in the
exploration of new frontiers in Flamenco Culture by audiovisual art as narrative support. In essence we could define each performance as a sensory immersion in search of a personal identity with ancestral feelings as a starting point and made towards the depths of oneself.
A journey that begins with the compás as a guideline but defining your destiny with every gesture and nuance to vibrate every emotion … inside a mantra of light and sound.
A very personal interactive audiovisual experiment where anyone who approaches itself with curiosity and respect are invited to join.

Yolanda Martin

Born in the heart of family from “Cordoba” she began dancing flamenco at Marisol Mesa’s School when she was only 6 years old. From the age of 18 she left school to start teaching girls and participate in various professional trainings such as “Coro Rociero de Castellbisball” and even as a bailaora at weddings and saraos.
Due to her passion will not be enough to pay her bills she will be forced to look for a “regular job” and this situation make impossible to carry on with the demanding dedication from the Dance. Far from being discouraged, she will reinvent herself and begin studying holistic
therapies and at last at age 35 will regain his passion with new therapeutic approach. Then she will become part of the Cuadro Flamenco from Oscar Poyatos, an old former teammate at the stage of Marisol school. Under the direction from Oscar, she participate in the plays “La Leyenda del Tiempo”, “Loco” and “Vuelve La Leyenda” as a dancer and spanish box percussionist. On her own she also act within private parties at Mallorca in preparation for his new project combining
her work as a therapist in a holistic center at Llucmajor.
Currently back to Barcelona is concentrating her efforts on a new era of professional consolidation with the intention of researching the relationship between dance and emotional wellness.

David Solís

Trainer by profession and technology teacher by vocation parks his personal training company to focus on the visual interaction design and its applications in the field of health and bio-psychological wellness. In addition to his background as a amateur musician (electronic music
producer and radio broadcaster from teenager) spend the last six years of his life to learning electronics and realtime programming environments while collaborating with various interactive projects of international significance. All this combined with his teaching slope takes
him on different courses and seminars in schools, youth culture spaces and even at contemporary art centers.
He is currently focusing its digital luthier skills into necessary effort to develop tools for their audiovisual and health projects.


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